4 Reasons Why Your Posture Sucks
(And What To Do About It)

Why Does Your Posture Suck?

Screen Time

Let's face it...we all work A LOT. So it's no surprise that excess screen time plays a large roll in our poor posture. Hunching over your computer for emails and scrolling on your phone can make us forget all about sitting and standing up straight.


Stress and tension are held in our bodies---when something is bugging us or causing us alarm we tend to tense up which can cause poor posture. Increased stress can also make us forget to stretch and move our bodies which makes our posture worse.

Minimal Stretching

Physical exercise is key to a healthy life. But many of us neglect to move our bodies throughout the day. Do yourself a favor and stretch right now. Unclench your jaw, take a deep inhale, exhale slowly and roll your shoulders up and back. Much better, right?  


Gravity pulls on our bodies as we age which can cause poor posture. In addition, conditions such as osteoperosis and spinal stenosis can negatively impact our health and cause us to hunch forward.

Improve Your Posture in 4 Easy Steps

Take A Break

Take a 1 minute screen break for every 60-90 minutes that you are on your screen. Brief breaks can be used to help you take a pause from your work and will help you to reset your posture.

Meditate And Breathe

It can be hard to reduce stress, but some tactics that help are meditation and taking time to breathe intentionally. As you breathe, remember to straighten up your posture. Try to meditate and breathe at least once a day.

Stretch It Out

Stretch and move your body at least 1 time a day---no excuses! It doesn't have to take a long time, just give yourself 1 minute a day. Stuck on stretching ideas? You can find thousands of stretches online.

Age Gracefully

Aging is a natural process and it can be fun! There are so many ways to age gracefully with strength. Stay active with your favorite exercises (walking is amazing!); consult medical advice as needed; and don't forget to smile!

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