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Meet medical technology entrepreneur and inventor of Calibrace+, Dr. Courtney Williamson.

At a very young age Dr. Williamson established herself as someone who is passionate about taking care of others by taking care of her mom who had Parkinson’s Disease. Eventually, the disease would cause her mom to slouch, which resulted in intense, constant back pain.

After calling the “National Parkinson’s Foundation” and finding no solution to her mother’s growing back pain, Courtney created her own solution. She founded AbiliLife, and began work on developing a back brace that would offer unrivaled pain-relief, support, and comfortability, for anyone experiencing back pain.

Dr. Williamson wanted to design a back brace to fit people of all body types, and help people no matter the cause of pain. From people who have been in car accidents, gone through surgery, or just people who have formed a slouch from years of sitting at a desk, Dr. Williamson's mission was to help them all.

Founder Courtney Williamson

“ Back pain should not stop people from enjoying their lives and doing the things they love, with the people they love. People deserve the right to a happy, pain-free life, and it’s my mission to get them there.”

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