back pain stops

A Brace That Instantly Relieves Pain While Giving You All Day Comfort.

Science– Backed
Patented Pulley- Tension System
Pain Relief Back Brace
How it works

The Calibrace+ back brace uses a patented pulley tension system that lifts your shoulders up and back while using a cushioned rigid spine to gently support your back and all of its pain points.

The Calibrace+ hugs you as you close the front apron for a comforting compression that stays with you all day. Once you have the Calibrace+ back brace on, you can wear it for total back support all day.

What would you do without back pain?
The possibilities are endless! You could…

  • Sleep better because you didn’t struggle with pain all day
  • Play with your kids more
  • Be more present and alert because you aren’t managing back pain
  • Reduce the amount of medication that you take to alleviate pain
  • Regain your joy
  • Finally get back to the physical activities that you love

4 Benefits, One Solution

Instant pain relief

You don’t need to spend hours or days or weeks to get the posture and back pain relief that you deserve. Feel better the instant you put on the Calibrace+

Excellent Posture

Standing up tall helps you look better and more attractive in your clothes so that you can command the room (virtual or in-person) when you walk in. Get your dignity back and stand with excellent posture.


The Calibrace+ is adjustable to fit you as your needs change throughout the day. Feeling some back pain after a long day? Tighten the brace for support. Just finished eating a heavy meal? Loosen the brace for to be comfortable while still benefiting from support.


The brace packs a punch but it’s lightweight build makes you feel like you aren’t wearing anything at all! You can go about your day like normal while gaining the benefits of the brace.



Get the only brace on the market with a pulley-tension system that lifts your shoulders up and back for long-lasting relief.

Upright GO 2
Posture Perfect
Original Posture
Corrector Device
Actively Realigns
Lower Back Support
Adjustable Straps

Calibrace+ is the #1 Back Pain Solution

The Calibrace+ is an all-in-one back pain solution that starts working as soon as you slip it on. Like magic, our unique patented design creates unrivaled support, relief, and soothing comfort in any clothes, all day!


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